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Wavy Hoop 1lb. - Hula Hoop

Wavy Hoop 1lb. - Hula Hoop

Price: $12.95

By: Slim Utility

Wavy Hoop 1lb.


Wavy Hoop 1B is a lightweight hoop with a small diameter designed for children to exercise while having fun! Its fun, colorful design keeps children happy and motivated. The Wavy Hoop 1B is a great way for children to get moving and get started on a healthy lifestyle. The Wavy Hoop is designed with light and long-lasting durable plastic capable of withstanding playtime. The wavy ridges help users keep the hoop up while simultaneously exercising their core muscles. This item consists of 8 sections in 4 neon colors that are easily assembled. However, the Wavy Hoop 1B cannot be disassembled.

- Material: Durable plastic
- User Specifications: Children weighing less than 60 lbs.
- Design Feature: Easy assembly (cannot disassemble)
- Dimension: 36" Diameter / pipe 1.0"- 1.5 " wave
- Actual Weight: 1.0 lb.

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